This essay provided by MiniTool organization offers you different ways to find your Steam Trade URL. Only in a few steps, can you quickly obtain the trade URL of Steam. Also, it tells you what preparation you should do before you can get your trade URL.

You can copy the
Steam trade URL link
and send it to anyone you want to trade with. You can share this unique URL with other Steam users to allow them to send you a trade offer even if they are titinada on your friends list.

You are able to share this link anywhere including on third-party trading sites such as gambling websites and Steam Community groups. Also, to receive the prize you win, you should provide it to a staff member.

If you set up a trade URL for Steam to enable other people to see your inventory. To make that come true, first of all, you have to change your Steam privacy settings to public. Vice versa, if you set your inventory to private, no one else can see your inventory except yourself. Or, you can set your inventory to only be seen by your friends.

Uang jasa:
Your Steam inventory contains your in-game items (skins, weapons, etc.) and unredeemed copies of full games.

Is It Safe to Publish Trade Steam URL?

In general, it is completely safe to give out your trade URL of Steam. Even though others can view your inventory through your
trade URL on Steam, you can refuse or ignore any trade request that is unfair or offending.

Moreover, you can protect your account with Steam Guard. With it, nobody can steal your account just by phishing or guessing your account password.

How to Enable Steam Trade Requests?

Before you are allowed to get your Steam Trade URL, you have to enable the trade requests of your Steam account. It is a simple process involving changing your Steam privacy settings to enables others to see your Steam inventory.

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Step 1. Launch your Steam App or go to

Step 2. Select your
and choose

Step 3. Click the
Edit Profile

Step 4. Click
My Privacy Settings.

Step 5. Set your
privacy to