Gear Set Supra X 125 Karbu

Gear Set Supra X 125 Karbu

Once upon a fourth dimension headphones were only meant for music. These days, smart headphones that take calls, rail workouts, and measure out your heart rate are all the rage. Samsung is jumping on the smart earbud bandwagon with its own pair of intelligent headphones that exercise more than play your music.

We took the Gear IconX earbuds for a spin at a hands on demo in New York to see how well they work.

Earbuds that exercise much more than music

Samsung packed all the ability of a Fitbit into a pair of earbuds that are much smaller than a quarter and weigh less than one, too. The Gear IconX earbuds don’t look too dissimilar from whatever other truly wireless earbuds y’all may accept seen. They’re relatively pocket-size, stick snugly in your ear, and tin can connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

There are a couple of things that set the IconX apart, though. For starters, these earbuds take 4GB of storage congenital in, so that you lot can play all the music you want during your workout without having to be connected to your phone at all. You can even connect to your telephone with them and stream Spotify, though we don’t recommend that unless yous want your workout to exist really brusk (more than on that later).

These earbuds have itty bitty center charge per unit monitors within and they can track all your fitness metrics.

More importantly, these earbuds have itty bitty center rate monitors within and they can track all your fitness metrics, including steps, calorie burn, distance traveled, and so on. When you want to encounter your information, you’ll demand to sync them with your phone and cheque out your stats on S Health. You tin can also ship the heart charge per unit information to third-political party apps, but the residual of your fitness data won’t cross over. The earbuds are essentially mini fettle trackers that sit in your ears and play music, likewise.

The IconX can even autobus you through your workouts and let you know when you need to work harder or go along pushing on ahead. It’s similar having a coach in your ear, but you can tune it out and just have your music playing if you adopt. There are touch controls on the surface of the earbuds that you can swipe to heighten or lower the volume, activate the coach with a long press, and so on. The impact controls may take some practise, but they seemed easy to activate during our cursory hands-on time.

The earbuds exercise cancel out dissonance. Using the mics in the earbuds, the IconX picks upwardly ambient noise to give you lot sensation of your environment. For instance, if you lot’re running outside, you may want to turn on ambience dissonance mode when y’all’re crossing the street.

Samsung Gear Icon X
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends

Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends

I’thousand no sound expert, then I really can’t speak much on audio quality, merely Samsung claims that there is no quality degradation of the music, considering the IconX employ two MP3 files of the same song and syncs them so that each ear hears the song at the same point. Apparently, sending sound through your brain affair is catchy, but the tracks seemed perfectly in sync when I tried them out, Yous won’t go the Hello-Fi audio experience with these buds, simply they’re just fine, and much better than the crappy headphones your telephone came with.

They fit comfortably enough in my ears. They didn’t shift or motility much, though I’d like to take them on a run to make sure they actually will stay in identify. Samsung provides different ear gels, though, so y’all should be able to find the right fit for yous. The Gear IconX comes in white, blue, and black.

Battery life is its Achilles heel

It’s pretty amazing that such small earbuds can pack that much power, and the existence of the Gear IconX begs the question: Why am I wearing this beefy smartwatch/fitness tracker on my wrist? The answer, of course, is battery life. The Gear IconX can track your heart charge per unit and activity, play music, coach you through your workout, and reply calls – merely the bombardment will die after 3 hours … if you’re lucky.

If you’re not lucky or you happen to be streaming music from Spotify in the earbuds via a Bluetooth connectedness with your phone, they’ll final you most an hour. These aren’t meant for 24/7 utilize; they’re for a solid workout in the gym or a run outdoors. When you’re done, you pop them in their cute little pill-shaped carrying example, and they tin can fully charge up twice earlier you lot need to plug your instance into the wall.

It’southward a damn shame the bombardment life won’t concluding you lot through both a lengthy commute of and a long workout, or a marathon for that matter, merely given the present state of battery longevity, squeezing that much juice out of earbuds this small is impressive. It’due south nice to ditch the wire, and the buds feel much more than natural than ones with wires. Battery tech needs to catch up.

Conclusion, availability, and price

Samsung’s IconX will cost yous $200, and information technology’southward available for purchase at various retailers including: Samsung, Amazon, Verizon, and B&H. Information technology’s non inexpensive for a pair of headphones that will barely last you through your commute and an hour-long workout.

In that location are also a few other smart wireless earbuds out there similar the Bragi Dash — which practise all the same things, only cost $100 more – or the Erato Apollo 7, which price $fifty more and don’t track your fettle metrics — and you tin buy those today.

Wireless earbuds that practise much more than play music may be awesome, but they’re not realistic however, as our audio expert Ryan Waniata noted in his Bragi Dash review. Hopefully Samsung’s Gear Icon X will fare better in our testing than the Bragi Dash, but even if Bluetooth works better and the touch controls prove easier to use, the limitations of battery technology volition even so be.


  • Comfortable to habiliment
  • Fitness tracking and center rate data
  • Decent sound quality
  • Truly wireless


  • Very short 3-60 minutes battery life
  • Expensive
  • Touch controls accept some do

Article originally published on June 2. Updated on 08-19-2016 by Julian Chokkattu: Added news of the IconX’s availability.

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Gear Set Supra X 125 Karbu